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  • Stubbesnurr
  • Stubbesnurr
  • Stubbesnurr
Min. Height
120 cm
Min. Height Accompanied
95 cm

Have you taken a ride in "Tea-cups"? This is our version of "forest version"! There is room for 48 persons pr. trip. It has 12 units and each "cup" can accommodate 3 adults and 2 children or 4 adults. The attraction stands on a rotating surface, which in turn has 4 rotating surfaces with 3 units each. Don't get sick!

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Children under 95 cm free! For more categories click the buy button.


Dear guest

Due to the local restriction level in our region, the season opening here at Tusenfryd must be postponed. Until further notice, we hope to be able to open the park on 13 May. We will update continuously here and in our social media.

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