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Ice Creams


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Isslottet is TusenFryds biggest ice cream parlor and specializes just in ice cream. Isslottet can be found on the upper side of the Loopen and below the Barnas Fryd. This is a great place to meet and find your favorite ice cream. Isslottet has a large selection of different types of ice cream and soft ice. You can also make your own! You choose the taste, and can top it all with soft ice cream, optional sprinkles and sweets! At Isslottet you can also put together your own cookie sandwich, or you're tempted by a cold milkshake?

You can also make your own soft ice! We have soft ice cream with vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavor, many different types of sprinkles and several types of topping. You make the ice cream yourself and choose exactly what you want!

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