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Ice Creams
Mexican Food


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Vertshuset is TusenFryd's larges restaurant, and the park's main restaurant. Situated in the middle of the park It is a perfect place for the whole family after some eventful hours in the park.
At Vertshuset we have a buffet suitable for both adults and children - here you can eat as much as you like. The buffet includs pasta, pork neck, homemade tikka masala, stir-fry, tacos, pizza, different kinds of lettuce and a separate dessert buffet. In the coffee shop you can find Italian ice-cream, freshly made pastries, cakes and the best coffee in the park!
In the buffet pizza, tacos, pasta with meatballs and pancakes are the most popular dishes for the kids. We also serve rice pudding and jelly with vanilla saus - a clear favorites among kids! We have our own nursery, and can help you with free diapers for infants if should you require it.

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