Actor for Halloween at TusenFryd wanted

Have you been greeted by blood-dripping zombies during Halloween celebrations at TusenFryd? Did they scare you? Do you have a dream of being a monter yourself? Like to scare others? Like to step into a role?

Before long, our monster family rise again, and tumble out of the wardrobe doors. There are zombie employees, kind witches and creepy clowns. But our scary monster department needs more hungry zombies and Halloween monsters to meet our guests. If you have experience with acting, theatre, improvisation, role playing or FX make-up and are tired of hiding your inner monster - then you MUST send us an application and help create the Halloween mood!

Halloween at TusenFryd is in the period 30 September - 8 October (every day during the autumn holidays), as well as the weekends 14-15, 21-22. and 28-29. October. In addition, there will be monster training in the evening right at the end of September when the mazes are fully rigged.

A little about the job:

  • Make-up and dress for assigned zombie/monster role
  • Scare guests/show yourself inside a scary maze or be a kind being in the children's maze Gresskarbyen
  • Create joyful moments for guests
  • Interact with other zombies and park staff

To apply, you must:

  • Have some experience from theatre/drama/acting/role play
  • Be between 18 and 100 years old
  • Able to work more than half of the days during the autumn holidays and preferably all three weekends
  • Understand what it means to work at "Norwegian Master of Joy"
  • Could speak good Norwegian, Swedish or Danish, as almost all the guests are Scandinavian
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All you need to know about TusenFryd in one app