Here you find information about all the places where you can buy a picture of yourself in attractions at TusenFryd.

At Storm Souvenir you can get a picture and prove that you have defeated Storm - The Dragon Legend!

Here we sell great photos that prove that you are brave enough to ride Scandinavia’s wildest attraction. Take a memorable experience with you home and show it to friends and family

Here we sell photos from the fun ride in grandad’s own veteran cars. This is the favourite place of all families with small children. Bring back a souvenir from your visit to TusenFryd!


The photos we sell are real classics and favourites among family and friends. Smile to the camera on your way down Tømmerstupet and buy your picture in our photo booth!

Would you like a photo of you riding one of the world’s best roller coasters? Buy it at ThunderCoaster Foto!

After a wild ride on the Western-Ekspress, visit to the photo booth in Morgan Kane City. Buy a souvenir from Ville Vesten..

After an exciting river race, head to the shop Dragekista and buy a memorable photo from the trip.

Buy a photo from the shop Skattekammeret after a trip to the dark fairy tale world.

Prices for 2023
Photos i pappomslag 99, -
Photo in a keyring 99, -
Photo in a magnet 99 ,-
As many pictures as you want! - Fotopass 2023
One day NOK 349
The whole season NOK 495


Do not worry – all the items found left at TusenFryd are electronically registered and kept for up to two weeks.

Contact us on the phone or send an email to with a detailed description of the item you have lost, and information about when and how it got lost, and we will register the search in our systems. Please submit your telephone number and email address to receive a reference number on text and email that you can use in further communications with us. We will then contact you as soon as the item is handed in to the lost and found.

If you receive a message that your item has been found, you will be able to collect it at “Gjesteservice” (to the right by the main entrance) during the park’s opening hours, agree to collect the item during office hours or have it sent by post (C.O.D.).


Dogs are not allowed in the park, except from guide dogs. However, your dog can stay for free in one of the roomy and roofed outdoor crates;

We recommend bringing a lock, or alternatively buying one in the the shop "Gjesteservice" (by the main entrance). Water bowls are available, but we recommend you to bring your own. We do not sell dog food at TusenFryd.

NB! The dog parking is self-service You are responsible for making sure your dog is doing well and is supervised throughout the day. Read more information available about letting your dog wait outside.

If your dog is quite small, we recommend you bring along a smaller crate your dog can use in the big crate and that you give it its own blanket
Ask the parking guards, and they will show you the way to the dog parkin situated outside the park. Be aware that there is a limited amount of crates available per day.


We have many parking spaces for visitors arriving by car. Our parking spots are located within walking distance to the entrance.

TusenFryd offers an automatic parking registration.

Payment options are as follows:

Upon arrival: APCOA FLOW App eller payment machine by the entrance
Download the APCOA FLOW App: Google Play eller App store.

After the visit: If no payment has been made 48 hours after the visit, an invoice will be sent to the post with an additional invoice fee of NOK 49. You can also pay throug within 48 hours.

Price: NOK 80

Buy your annual pass here
The annual parking pass is valid from the date of sale.



We have gathered the most common questions we receive about the park 

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