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  • Bursdag


Bring your friends to TusenFryd, here you will have a birthday party with howls, screams and laughter. Lots of fun and action, but also time for a lunch and a cotton candy!

We have created a "Birthday Booklet" that can be purchased at the ticket counter when you get to the park.
You do not need to pre-book your birthday.

Birthday booklet costs kr 475,– per. person (kr 415,– in sept./oct.) 
It contains 4 coupons that you can use as payment in park:

  • Entrance to the park, which allows you to ride all attractions. (SkyCoaster costs extra).
  • Food vouchers that can be exchanged into a kids burger menu (kids burger, 0,3L mineral water, small fries, carrot bag).
  • Dessert coupon that can be exchanged for 1 cotton candy or 1 "pinneis".
  • The Game Coupon that can be used on any staffed play to a value of NOK 20, -
  • The birthday child will receive a small gift!


Minimum Number: 4 children. In addition, 1 companion gets free entrance and can use all attractions for free, except SkyCoaster.

If anybody has a season pass, the person pays only NOK 200,– for the birthday 

Maximum age: 12 years 

Wishing you a nice birthday at TusenFryd!

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Children under 95 cm free! For more categories click the buy button.