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A day at TusenFryd is not only an enjoyable and unifying trip for the whole class, here they can also feel how the laws of physics manifests itself in practice. Have fun in all our attractions and have a day that they will never forget..

2 teachers/leader have free entrance pr. class. Your bus driver also has free entrance. Other adults pay regular fare, unless teachers for kids with special needs are needed.

The ticket costs NOK 270,–. The ticket is not valid in July. The ticket includes free entrance and free rides in all our attractions (except SkyCoaster). BadeFryd is open from the middle of june to the middle of august. 

NB On weekdays in June we have limited opening hours! See our timetable for full details.

Please note that the link below only is for pre-registration, so that we get an overview of the groups that come. Tickets must be purchases separately. By cash or requisition upon arrival to the park.


We want everybody to start the «school day» at the same time, so we need cooperation for the following:

  • Be sure to have collected money from all pupils in advance, so you you can buy tickets together.
  • Payment can also be made on presentation of a requisition from the school, whereupon TusenFryd charges the school afterwards.
  • Go together as a group from the car park / bus stop and up to the main entrance.
  • Gather all the students in the class on the lawn to the right in front of the box office.
  • Teacher / contact person contacts the employee at the ticket office or Gjesteservice and get tickets for the whole class.
  • Teacher / contact person distributes one ticket to each student. Use the ordinary main entrance.

During school weeks the sales for groupls starts 30 min. befor the park opens.


Groups have to decide a place to meet if one person looses the group, decide a place in advance before you leave the park. A practical meeting place is "Finkarusellen" on the top of escalator at the main entrance. Due to very high demand, we have unfortunately not allowed to do paging over the intercom for groups.

HOTEL INCLUDED IN THE TICKET - You can easily book your trip to TusenFryd or Bø. Included in the price is either one or two days in one of the parks, and accommodation at one of our partners.

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Children under 95 cm free! For more categories click the buy button.