People with disabilities

People with a companion certificate issued by the municipality, wheelchair users, courtesy cards and people over 60 and/or pregnant can buy the "Honnørbillett" ticket and the "Honnør sesongkort" season pass, which gives the same season ticket benefits as the MAXI season ticket.

General information about our ‘Show consideration’-scheme.

  • The scheme is reserved for guests with a companion certificate and who have strong problems standing in line.
  • Entry tickets for people with a proof of companionship issued by the municipality are from NOK 360 to NOK 380. The number of companions stated on the proof of companionship can enter for free.
  • The companion must be of legal age and be at least 18 years.
  • Guests who can present a companion certificate can get a "show-consideration band" in the Guest Service. Each band applies to the holder of the companion certificate and the number of companions for which there is a documented need. Remember that the benefit of the band should go to the holder of the companion certificate, the others in the group may risk having to stand in the ordinary queue.
  • For 8 of the attractions, you are given a separate coupon sheet which is used to take these attractions. Each coupon sheet provides one trip to each of the attractions. If you want more rides with these attractions, you use the ordinary queue. The attractions in question are ThunderCoaster, SuperSplash, HuriHuri, Ragnarok, Storm, SpinSpider, SpaceShot and SpeedMonster.

In the queue aisle

  • Please note that you do not necessarily join the first trip, but the scheme is designed to minimise waiting times. It is also not always possible to choose which carriage you want. The operator of the attraction must consider which location is most convenient
  • The companion must be able to handle the guest and accompany/carry them in the event of an emergency leading to an evacuation.
  • The exit will be used as an entrance to attractions that do not have separate wheelchair access.
  • Please be aware that if the attraction is closed due to long queues, the ‘show consideration’-entrance will be closed.
  • You will find a QR code that can be scanned on each respect band. Here you will find an information guide to the park and all the information you would need about each individual attraction, including information on access, access and guidelines for guests with disabilities.

General information about TusenFryd

  • Wheelchair users can always get show consideration’-bands.
  • There are separate parking spots at TusenFryd for people with HC-proof in their car. The parking spots are located on a car park across the main entrance.
  • An escalator by the entrance leads to the park. A tarmacked path runs parallel to the escalator.
  • All toilet facilities are adapted to wheelchair users.
  • We recommend the restaurants Rockburger’n and Vertshuset for people in wheelchairs.
  • The ground in the park is uneven, but all the roads are tarmacked.