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People with disabilities

We have written this information guide for guests with disabilities. It provides information about all our attractions and makes it easier to find out which attractions are suitable to different people.

Our aim here at TusenFryd is to be the Number 1 Provider of Happiness – for everyone!

General information about the attractions and our ‘Show consideration’-scheme.

  • The information displayed by the attractions are directed at all our guests. The information states the conditions our guests should be aware of before using our attractions.
  • If the person accompanying the disabled person is uncertain about whether the attraction is suitable, we always recommend the companion to try the ride first.
  • Guests who show proof of companionship, can obtain a ‘Show consideration’-band at the Visitors Centre. Each band is valid for one person and one companion. More bands can be obtained as needed. Remember that the band is intended to benefit the person with special needs, not anyone else.
  • People with ‘show-consideration’-bands can take two trips on the rides available. After this, you must wait for at least 30 minutes before you can access the same attraction. We do this to be considerate of our other guests. NB! The rides SkyCoaster, TrafikkFryd and Ragnarok can only be taken once due to their duration.
  • Please be aware that you might not have the opportunity to skip the queue to the first ride after you have shown the band to the operator. However, the scheme has been created to minimise waiting times. It might not always be possible to choose the car you want to sit in. The operator must assess which seating scheme is the most practical.
  • On days with fewer visitors and shorter waiting times, we limit who gets a band as opposed to days with many visitors. People in wheelchairs can always obtain the band
  • The companion can join him or her, which is something we recommend. We particularly recommend this during the 2021 season due to the COVID-19 situation. The companion must be able to handle the guest and accompany/carry them in the event of an emergency leading to an evacuation.
  • Unless otherwise stated in this guide, the exit will be used as an entrance to attractions that do not have separate wheelchair access.
  • Most attractions require upper-body strength to sit upright and normal arm-strength to be able to hold on to the restraints.
  • Please be aware that if the attraction is closed due to long queues, the ‘show consideration’-entrance will be closed.

General information about TusenFryd

  • Entry tickets for people with a proof of companionship issued by the municipality are NOK 330. The number of companions stated on the proof of companionship can enter for free.
  • There are separate parking spots at TusenFryd for people with HC-proof in their car. The parking spots are located on a car park across the main entrance.
  • An escalator by the entrance leads to the park. A tarmacked path runs parallel to the escalator.
  • All toilet facilities are adapted to wheelchair users.
  • We recommend the restaurants Rockburger’n and Vertshuset for people in wheelchairs.
  • The ground in the park is uneven, but all the roads are tarmacked.

Guide 2021