The TusenFryd Fund

Application deadlines

Entrance tickets

January 12th – June 10th. (Ordinary tickets for the current season)

September 1st – October 29th. (Ordinary tickets valid for september/october)

November 1st – january 12th. (Ordinary tickets for the 2024 season)

If you don’t hear from us within 7 days of submitting you application, Your application have not been approved. You are welcome to apply again at a later time. It is not possible to apply outside the application deadlines.

Information about the TusenFryd Fund

Every year, we receive many inquiries about sponsoring tickets for lotteries or events, from both organizations and private individuals. 

We have limited funds and unfortunately cannot grant all inquiries.

What can i apply for?

You can apply for ordinary entrance tickets to the park. Tickets valid for use on an optional ordinary opening day in the current season are granted.

What can’t i apply for?

We only process applications related to ordinary entrance tickets. You cannot apply for a seasonal pass, accomodation, packages, other products or monetary contributions. We do not offer prize bags or other types of prizes.

Criteria for application:

  • Who are you as an applicant?
  • What purpose should the tickets og to?
  • How many tickets do you want to apply for?
  • When do you want to visit us?/When will the tickets be given away?
  • Please attach relevant links/documents.

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to contact you as an applicant to request information, it is therefore important that the application fulfills the above criteria so that we can assess your application in the best possible way. Concise applications without additional information are ledd likely to be approved.

There is an overall and discretionary assessment that is made in each case and the totality of the applications mass is decisive for which applications are granted.

If your application is approved, you cannot apply again in the current season.

Send us your application to