Satisfying food

We have a big selection of meals at TusenFryd – there is something for everyone. All restaurants have menus you can choose from. See our selection and choose whatever you want. We also offer vegan and gluten-free options.
Our burger menus are ideal for those of you who love delicious burgers! Choose between the Classic, Veggie or Big Papa burger at Rockburger. You can choose between Odin’s burger and Cripy fish burger at Midgardsormens Favoritter. All burgers are 160 g homestyle with different toppings, and served as part of menus that include French fries and a 0.4l bottle of water.
Buy your burger menu in advance and select your favourite menu when you get hungry. Save up to NOK 31.
NOK 142.
If you would like a healthier option, we recommend a green menu. You can choose between a wrap menu at Sulten og Tørst, a salad from Fryds Bakeri or Sulten og Tørst or a tasty baguette, bagel or veggie sandwich. All are served with water or Bon Aqua.
Buy your green menu in advance and choose between a range of salads and sandwiches when you are in the mood for something tasty. Save between NOK 10-43 of the original price.
NOK 89.

If you are planning a day at the park or simply looking for a delicious lunch, make a visit to the Saloon or Vertshuset. Choose between Tex-Mex at the Saloon or Italian at Vertshuset. Staff will help you create a delicious plate with many different dishes, and you can choose the extras. Includes water or Bon Aqua

Buy a lunch/dinner plate and choose between Italian or Tex-Mex. Includes mineral water Save between NOK 11 and 38 of the full price.

NOK 199

Are you visiting the park with family or friends? We recommend the pizza deal You can choose between a large pizza and dressing at Pizzaverkstedet

Buy the pizza deal in advance and choose your favourite pizza and dressing. Save up to NOK 35

NOK 299