Satisfying food

We have a big selection of meals at TusenFryd – there is something for everyone. All restaurants have menus you can choose from. See our selection and choose whatever you want. We also offer vegan and gluten-free options.



Classic burger inc. french fries, 0,4 l soda and sundae.

NOK 149 (online price)

4 donuts, which can be picked up at Toppen kiosk.

NOK 89 (online price)

One large pizza (40 cm) including 1 dressing.

NOK 299 (online price)

Optional pasta dish and 0.4 l mineral water.

NOK 219 (online price)

Mini ciabatta with cheese and ham, jam or brown cheese, Tine juice or Chocolate milk 1/4 L and banana or apple

NOK 59 (online price)