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New 2023!

Storm - The Dragon Legend

This year's novelty at TusenFryd!

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Storm and Dragonville

Experience our new themed area Dragonville with Storm, our new roller coaster for 100 million. A unique experience and the first of its kind in Europe.

Dragonville is our own fairy tale world with dragons, knights, dark and deep dungeons. Between the "battles", you can have a bite to eat at the new eatery, shop in the local trading house or visit The Dungeon.

Ny berg-og-dalbane på TusenFryd

Facts about Storm

Storm is an Inverted Triple Launch Coaster from Gerstlauer. A roller coaster enthusiasts the world over have really been looking forward to. Unlike "regular" roller coasters, the carriages are mounted under the rails, so your legs hang freely in the air during the ride. Triple launch means that you accelerate three times during the trip. First off from the start before the carriage set accelerates backwards. On its way forward again, it accelerates again for the third time and then follows the entire path to the station

 Storm, as the first of its kind in Europe and TusenFryd's most expensive single investment ever, will give you a truly unique experience and an adrenaline kick out of the ordinary!

Storm logo
Height difference

34 meter

360 meter
Length per ride
560 meter
16 personer
Max. speed
95 km/h


We can't wait to present our new themed area, Dragonville! Move through the gates into a medieval themed adventure world. An adventure centered around "Storm - The Dragon Legend". You can also visit our dungeon,  The Dungeon if you dare!

Opplev Dragonville

The adventure Storm and Dragonville

From NOK 399