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Sol innslipp Halloween 2019
Tuesday, October 8, 2019 - 10:00

Da er den første fantastiske Halloween-uken over. Men du har fremdeles mulighet til å oppleve Halloween på TusenFryd alle helger i oktober.

TusenFryd er åpent 12., 13., 19., 20., 26., og 27. oktober kl. 11.00 - 17.00.

Her er åpningstidene for attraksjoner på TusenFryd 12., 13., 19., 20., 26., og 27. oktober.

Ved lave temperaturer kan åpningstiden på attraksjoner bli forsinket.

Dear guest

We are pleased to announce that the planned opening will be on Saturday 13 June.

All guests are requested to purchase tickets through our website or App. For the time being, we will only sell dated tickets for the entire time to be able to control the number of guests each day. For some guest categories who cannot purchase tickets digitally, there will be a ticket door available in the park.

Guests who have purchased a season pass can use this, but must book their daily visit through our website. The booking solution will be available from around June 10. In order to keep good control of how many visitors we have in the park, sales of season tickets have been halted for the time being. Anyone who has purchased season tickets for 2020 will automatically have their validity extended to June 13, 2021.

Our most important measures and recommendations can be found here.

We look forward to seeing you here at TusenFryd this summer!

Updated May 27, 2020