We have many parking spaces for visitors arriving by car. Our car parks are arranged so that there is walking distance to the main entrance.
TusenFryd has parking with license plate recognition where parking starts and stops automatically when entering and exiting.

The following products and services are available on the site:

  • Parking with the APCOA FLOW app, with or without auto traction. Download the app in the Appstore or Google Play. Register a profile and select "autodraw" in the app, and the payment will be automatically deducted each time without you having to do anything. News! Simple registration and payment with Vipps.
  • Parking with payment at the machine on departure
  • Parking with "Park & Go". You do not need to do anything on the spot. Choose between two products:
    • "Park & Go Web" within 48 hours at The product costs a fee + fixed product price.
    • "Park & Go" invoiced to the vehicle's legal owner. The product costs a fee + fixed product price. Invoice fee is added.

For users who cannot download the app in the Norwegian Appstore / Google Play, the website can be used. You can either register a profile or use the site anonymously by searching for a registration number.

Price: NOK 85

Parking Season Pass 2024 / Annual Pass parking

Parking is not included in the Season Pass. The annual pass is  NOK 250,- and can be bought online. Buy your annual pass here:
The annual pass is valid from the day It's bought.

If you have already purchased parking and want to change vehicles, this can be done here: Tusenfryd - EasyPayWebPayments (
It is not possible to use the APCOA FLOW app when purchasing an annual pass and changing vehicles.

It is not permitted to park on TusenFryd territory outside the park’s opening hours. The barriers will be lowered without warning*.
* Does not apply to park-and-ride.

Charging an electric car

Drive straight ahead at the roundabout to the first car park, here you will find several charging points for your electric car..

  • 2 type-2 charging stations. Payment is made via the apcoa flow app.
  • 6 type-1 charging stations. No payment.