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General contractual conditions


Tusenfryd AS (reg. no. 991474447) (“Tusenfryd”) is the owner of the domain, including the website and its content (the “website”).

Tusenfryd makes the website available to users to provide information about the products and offers of Tusenfryd and PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP, to allow users to purchase entrance tickets and other tickets available on the website and, where appropriate, to make available various contract forms, newsletters, competitions, games, surveys etc. from Tusenfryd and PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP.

Please note that products and services offered on the website are to be sold by Tusenfryd AS, a subsidiary of PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP, which operates through the website and is responsible for managing Tusenfryd, including the sale and/or administration of all products and/or services related to to Tusenfryd. Information about Tusenfryd AS:

Tusenfryd AS
Fryds Vei 25
N-1407 Vinterbro

Customer service: Phone: +47 64 97 64 97.

You can also contact customer service at the following email address:



Tusenfryd's general conditions set out the general conditions applicable to the services offered by Tusenfryd on the website, and in particular services currently provided by PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP, the sale of certain types of entrance tickets and season passes for leisure parks managed by PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP, and other products offered on the website.

The prices for each product (including taxes) are stated in NOK, and the value of any promotions and discounts will be specified on the website at all times. When you make a purchase, the total price is divided between any promotions/discounts used, and other costs for additional services, or the use of different payment methods. If you choose to use Klarna Bank AB (or any other third-party finance provider) to finance your purchase, additional cost may incur. Any agreement you may enter into with any third-party finance provider and any cost associated therewith is not subject to these general contractual conditions.

Browsing information on the website is free.

You confirm that (i) the information on the website, (ii) the general information in the product catalog and (iii) information about other products or services available on the website, and the general terms of purchase, are sufficient for you to give a valid and informed consent to any purchases.

1. Procedure

To purchase any of the products and/or services available on the Website, you must follow the instructions provided at each step of the purchase process in the PURCHASE section of the Website and complete an electronic form with the necessary information. By completing these forms, you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the general purchase conditions and any special purchase conditions. You declare that you have understood and accepted that this is necessary to access the products and services offered in the "buy" section of the website.

Your rights and obligations during and after the purchase are subject to these general conditions, all relevant special conditions for the purchase:, and the park rules: Additional terms and conditions will apply if you chose to finance your purchase by any third-part finance provider – such terms and conditions are set out in a separate agreement with the applicable finance provider and PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP undertake no obligation whatsoever in this respect.

Purchases will be formalized by completing all steps in the PURCHASE section of the website. These general terms and any special terms will form part of the agreement with you when you complete and submit the purchase details set out in the PURCHASE section. 

By accessing the website and using any of the services available, you are deemed to have accepted the website's general terms of use, the general terms of purchase and any special terms made available to you.

2. Documentation and language

These general conditions of purchase are available at any time in the PURCHASE section of the website. You are free to print and save a copy of the terms.

If you have purchased entrance tickets via the website, we will send you an e-mail with a purchase receipt (the "ticket") with a unique code within twenty-four (24) hours of completing the purchase. Damaged tickets or tickets that have been otherwise tampered with will be void.

 Unless otherwise expressly stated in the special conditions for the specific purchase, admission tickets purchased on the website will only be valid for the date shown on the ticket.

If you buy something other than entrance tickets, for example season tickets or other products and/or services on the website, you will also receive an e-mail within twenty-four (24) hours with a purchase receipt. Before purchase, the website will inform you of any special conditions that apply to the specific purchase.

 Once the online shopping has been completed, and once the ticket in question has been issued, no changes or refunds will be permitted, unless otherwise stated in point 1.5 of the terms and conditions of purchase or the special terms and conditions for the current purchase. Please contact our service department with questions:

 3. Technical measures

The website is equipped with JavaScript to ensure data validation and help you complete the purchase process.

4. Changes to terms and website

These terms apply from the date of the last update indicated in the document and until further notice. PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP and/or Tusenfryd reserve the right to change the general and special conditions at any time in line with consumer legislation. Changes take effect immediately after publication, and shall only apply to users who use the website after the effective date of the changes. However, PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP and/or Tusenfryd will respect rights acquired by users before the effective date of such changes.

Before purchasing any products or services, you should read the general conditions of purchase and any special conditions. PARQUES REUNIDOS GROUP and/or Tusenfryd reserve the right to change the website's layout, location, content and terms of use at any time.

5. Changes and Refunds

Unless explicitly stated in the special conditions for the specific purchase and/or service, there is no right of exchange or refund access for products with a specified deadline for use (date or period). This also applies if you have financed your purchase by Klarna Bank AB or otherwise.

When purchasing dated “Humørbilletter”, the following terms and conditions apply; Tickets are only valid for use on the chosen ordinary opening day in the current season. Tickets cannot be transferred to other dates or future seasons, nor refunded.

When buying tickets on the internet, you do not have the right of cancellation, cf. the Right of Cancellation Act § 22 letter m. It is stated here that the right of cancellation does not apply to agreements on "(...) services related to leisure activities when a specific date or a specific period of time has been set in the agreement for the performance of such services'. Services that are delivered at a specific time or within a specific period of time apply to all our tickets and products.

You can cancel purchased online tickets and season tickets within 24 hours of purchase if they have not already been used.

It is not possible to change the date on the ticket if there is less than 72 hours to the visit. If the date on the ticket is changed more than 72 hours (3 days) in advance, a change fee of NOK 75 per ticket is added. Changes require that there are tickets available on the date in question.

No compensation is given in the event of storms, long waiting times, business interruptions, pandemics or other force majeure events.

 6. Prices and method of payment

The price of the selected products and/or services is displayed before the purchase and includes any taxes. If a discount code is to be used for a reduced price, this must be entered and validated before the final purchase is made. Therefore, remember to check that the correct discount has been obtained before payment.

The website supports the following payment methods: VISA, Mastercard, Klarna Bank AB, Afterpay and Vipps.

Tusenfryd guarantees that we have satisfactory measures and comply with current technology security standards, such as "Verisign". Access to transactional services and services involving the collection of personal data is done in a secure environment using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer" protocol with 128-bit encryption with high security. This ensures that all content transmitted is only understandable to the "client" the computer and the Tusenfryd server. Users can make sure that they are in a secure area if a closed padlock appears in the status bar of the browser. The security of the Tusenfryd servers is guaranteed by a certificate issued by VeriSign. This certificate guarantees that users communicate their data to a server of Tusenfryd and not to another third party.

 As part of our work against fraud prevention, Tusenfryd will cooperate with all payment platforms used for the purchase of products available on the website, and with the competent authorities, by releasing the necessary information about any transactions and that appears from it at all times current Norwegian legislation.

7. Incorporation of the special purchase conditions and park rules

By purchasing any product on the website, you accept the general conditions for purchase, any special conditions applicable to your purchase and the park rules which you can find here: Read the park rules thoroughly before proceeding with the purchase.


If you are not satisfied with the purchased product and/or service, you can use Tusenfryd's quality and service standard guarantee and, depending on the circumstances, get a refund. Such inquiries can be addressed to:

Tusenfryd AS
Fryds Vei 25
N-1407 Vinterbro

Customer service: Phone: +47 64 97 64 97.

e-mail address:

You will receive a confirmation from us when the complaint has been received. You can complain to the Consumer Council here: You can also start alternative dispute resolution methods in line with EU Directive 2013/11/EU on alternative dispute resolution in the consumer area. You can complain through the European complaints portal.

Please see:





  • Your admission ticket only gives access to the theme park.
  • Do not tear, manipulate, copy or otherwise destroy the ticket. In such circumstances you may be refused entry to the park.
  • You can access the park directly or by showing park staff your paper ticket or the barcode/QR code downloaded from your ticket purchase. Access with a QR code is only permitted with a downloaded code and not with an image or screenshot.
  • Your ticket will be valid for the date or period shown and within the opening hours listed on the park website. Tickets are ONLY valid on the day indicated in the "valid date" box at the top. See the calendar and opening times at: or call +47 64 97 64 97.
  • Tickets cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts. As tickets are issued for a specific date or period, no changes or refunds will be allowed. See point 1.5 of the terms of purchase. Otherwise, the Consumer Purchase Act applies.
  • Each ticket has a unique barcode that allows only ONE entrance to the park. Once the barcode has been validated, it cannot be used at a later time.
  •  If you need to leave the park, you must contact the park staff, security staff or customer service to arrange new access to the park. If you leave the park without warning, you will no longer have access to the park.
  • If you have bought a ticket that is subject to special conditions (persons with reduced functional abilities, people over 60, children, large families, etc.) you must document that you fall under such a category by showing official documents (identification, documentation of functional capacity etc.) if the park staff or security personnel require it.
  • Please keep your ticket with you throughout your stay in the park. You must present your ticket to the park staff upon request.
  • The resale of tickets to third parties is prohibited.
  • You are informed that the park may be closed due to bad weather or due to park capacity, safety or public health. Tusenfryd will try to notify as early as possible via the park's website and the park's official profiles on social media. In such cases, we will offer you a new date for the use of entrance tickets or another suitable compensation.
  • The park rules,, are hereby incorporated by reference. The purchase and use of any item available online means that you accept both the terms of purchase and the park rules.


  1. This product is an add-on and is therefore not included in the price of the entrance ticket.
  2. The printed sheet or barcode/QR code that has been downloaded can be used for the acquisition of the express menu. The items offered in the express menu may vary from outlet. If any of the above articles are not available and this is beyond the catering services' control, they will be replaced by a similar or better product.
  3.  Full allergen information is available on the park's website and at the relevant point of sale to help you make an appropriate choice. The park disclaims any responsibility if you use a product to which you are allergic or intolerant.
  4. Each express menu is associated with a unique ticket menu with a unique control code that can be used once.
  5. You can redeem the ticket menu during the outlet's opening hours. Please check the opening hours on the day of the visit with customer service. No other menu will be available for redemption.
  6. Please keep the ticket menu as you must present it at the restaurant's point of sale for exchange. The ticket must not be torn, manipulated, damaged or copied. In such cases, the ticket menu will be invalid.
  7. Tusenfryd reserves the right to close all serving locations due to capacity, safety, food safety and public health.
  8. As this is a product linked to the entrance ticket, no changes or refunds will be allowed. Otherwise, the Consumer Purchase Act applies.
  9. The park rules, are hereby incorporated by reference. The purchase and use of any item available online means that you accept both the terms of purchase and the park rules.
  10. This product is not for sale.


These terms and conditions of purchase shall be subject to and interpreted in accordance with Norwegian law.

Tusenfryd chooses Follo og Nordre Østfold tingrett as the right venue.