The only one of its kind in Europe:

Builds a roller coaster for NOK 100 million

From 2022 to 2024, Tusenfryd is investing NOK 250 million in upgrades and new attractions – the largest investment in the park's history. Now the most expensive single investment ever is being built, which will be ready for next season; a wild roller coaster with a price tag of NOK 100 million.

The overarching goal is that "Nye Tusenfryd" through the three-year program is transformed from a traditional amusement park into a theme park with new and clearly defined zones. Before the start of the season this year, approx. NOK 50 million. Now the most expensive single attraction at TusenFryd of all time is realised.

First "Inverted Triple Launch Coaster" track in Europe
The new attraction is based on a principle called "Inverted Triple Launch Coaster". This means that the unit the passenger sits in is suspended under the rail passage itself (suspended). Triple launch means that you accelerate three times during the trip. First from the start before the wagon set stops and then accelerates backwards. At one point it stops again before accelerating for the third time, then forward.

Installs the track from 1 September
- We started the groundwork for the new roller coaster already in March 2020. Then came the pandemic, and the process was put on hold. But last November we were able to continue the foundation work. Now the support and rail track have just arrived from the supplier, and on 1 September work will begin to erect the supporting structure before the rail track is installed. We are really looking forward to seeing it take shape, but most of all to the public getting to experience it from next season, says managing director Bjørn Håvard Solli in Tusenfryd.

Extensive testing and certification process
Tusenfryd plans to have the new super-attraction ready when the park opens in April 2023. Unless something unforeseen happens, the track should be fully assembled already in October, and other technical work will then start in November. Depending on the weather conditions, this will continue throughout the winter. In March, extensive tests will be run, before the attraction is certified in April, well before the park opens. The area connected to the roller coaster will also be renewed, and will have an overall theme and visual expression.

The 8th roller coaster
With the spectacular innovation in place in 2023, Tusenfryd has a total of eight rail tracks. They range from Den Aller Minste, Western-Expressen and this year's novelty HuriHuri for children, to Loopen, SuperSplash, ThunderCoaster, SpeedMonster and next year's novelty - courses that already excite and will excite even experienced "coaster" enthusiasts.

- Compared to other parks in Northern Europe, we now have a respectable selection of roller coasters. With the new attraction, we are joining the absolute top tier on the continent, and we are really looking forward to the public's reactions to the new course being launched in our 35th season, says Solli.

Holds the cards close to the chest
Further details related to technology and construction, maximum speed, how large g-forces one is exposed to and so on, Tusenfryd keeps secret for the time being.

- This is the most important single investment in our ongoing, three-year upgrade programme. The only thing I want to say is that I can already guarantee that our new attraction will live up to expectations. It also contributes to strengthening our ambition that Tusenfryd will be Norway's largest theme park for exciting and pleasant experiences for many years to come, says Solli.

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