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New novelty! Darkwood Motel

Your scariest stay at a motel ever

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Experience Norway's biggest Halloween celebration at TusenFryd

Halloween is a time to scare and be scared. Over the course of the past 7 years, new, exciting and scary attractions have been introduced. Children and adults alike love these new adventures. Many people participate in the celebration in their own costumes and makeup.  

Parts of the park will be decorated with pumpkins and straw. Creepy surprises await around every corner in our special Halloween labyrinths. 

The Halloween program runs: 30 September - 8 October (all days), Saturday 14, Sunday 15, Saturday 21, Sunday 22, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October

Welcome! If you dare...

NEW - Scary
Darkwood Motel



Welcome to the small "cozy" family-run Darkwood Motel on Route 66. The family that runs the place does everything they can to get you in the right mood. There is always room for new guests...

Recommended age limit: 15 years
(from 12 years accompanied by an adult)

Darkwood Motel is not included in the entrance fee. Tickets cost NOK 50.

The Dungeon



“What's hiding in the dark? Do you dare to visit our new "horror maze" The Dungeon, and find out what or who is around the next corner?"

Open  11:30 - 16:20

Recommended age limit: 15 years
(from 12 years accompanied by an adult)

The Dungeon is not included in the entrance fee. Tickets can be bought at Storm Souvenir or via Vipps and cost NOK 60.

For children
Blodige Smil



For those who are too young or do not like monsters and zombies, the children's labyrinth "Gresskarbyen" is a good alternative.

«Meet witches and other scary creatures. Find your way by answering questions and performing simple tasks. In the end, maybe you will end up with a reward?»

No age limit



ZOMBIE-LABORATORIET «The Nightmare Experiment» 

«Something went wrong in the lab. A deadly chemical experiment turned everyone into zombies. The survivors just locked the doors and fled. Now it has been quiet for a long time. Do you dare to go in? »

Recommended age: 15 years and over
(from 12 years accompanied by an adult)


Blodige Smil



«The circus left TusenFryd, but something was left behind. We have repeatedly found traces of blood around the scene, and several employees have disappeared. Can you help us find out what has happened?»

Recommended age: 15 years and over
(from 12 years accompanied by an adult)





Experience our incredibly popular monsterslipp!

Monsterslipp - at 14:30 and 16:30*.

Recommended age limit from 10 years accompanied by an adult.

Monster slip can be experienced in front of Kanofarten

*Subject to changes

Attractions at TusenFryd during Halloween!

We keep most attractions open during Halloween. Discover Monsters, Scary creeps and over 30 exciting attractions here at TusenFryd

Hallowen Attractions Tusenfryd