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A home for us, a home for...

On Route 66 you'll find the family-owned Darkwood Motel. A place where dreams become nightmares, and the boundaries of reality are broken. You can soon check in with this year's new Halloween maze at TusenFryd - Darkwood Motel.

The Halloween program runs: 30 September - 8 October (all days), Saturday 14, Sunday 15, Saturday 21, Sunday 22, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October

Welcome! If you dare...

Darkwood Motel - Eye watching you

Check in at Darkwood Motel from 30 September

Darkwood Motel - Room 666

When you arrive at the Darkwood Motel, you will feel as if time has stood still. The motel's faded interior immediately gives you the feeling that something is terribly wrong. But it's not until you step into the motel reception that the nightmares start to become reality.

Behind the counter stands a figure. She smiles, but there is a pain in that smile that you cannot escape. "Welcome to the Darkwood Motel," she whispers in a thin, hazy voice. "We've been waiting for you."

Darkwood Motel - Room 666

The rooms are decorated in a macabre mix of voodoo symbols and old-fashioned American nostalgia. The creaky floors and worn furniture give the impression of hiding secrets, and the walls seem to have eyes that follow you wherever you go.

Feel an uncomfortable feeling that you are not alone, that eyes follow you wherever you go. You can hear the whispers of those who came before you, those who tried to escape from the Darkwood Motel but never made it out.

Darkwood Motel - Your room

Each crooked corridor gives you the feeling that you are trapped in a nightmare that will never end.

So, dare you check into the Darkwood Motel? Prepare to explore a world where voodoo and Americana meet in a terrifying dance of fear and mystery. But be careful, because once you're inside, there's no going back. Darkwood Motel will never let go of you. Welcome to your worst nightmare at TusenFryd - Welcome to Darkwood Motel.

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Halloween at TusenFryd

Halloween at TusenFryd

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