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Russens Dag Tusenfryd main Russens Dag Tusenfryd main

Russefeiring: Russens Dag at TusenFryd 2023

Experience Russens Dag at TusenFryd 2023

The funniest event of the year for Russen - Wednesday, May 3, 2023.

The park is closed today

Russens Dag at TusenFryd. Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Welcome to the best day you will ever have at TusenFryd!

The park is only open for you 17:00-23:00. No screaming kids in the queue, no prams in the road. Just lots of partying Russ. 

We do not require a RusseID if you are wearing "Russe clothes". If you do not have "Russe clothes", RusseID must be presented.

The lower age limit on Russens Dag is 16 years. If you want to buy alcohol, you must show a valid photo ID.

It is not allowed to bring your own alcohol.

All attractions (with the exception of the children's attractions and the Splash area) are open.

All games and eateries (with the exception of the Splash area) are open.

We have alcohol serving in our own bar areas.

Smoking is allowed in the park.

Tickets for "Russetidens" best experience

Ordinary price NOK 449 

including day-2 ticket. You use the same ticket for the day 2 visit.

With the Russens Dag ticket, you also get a Day 2 ticket that can be used on a freely chosen ordinary opening day after Russens Dag in 2023.

We only sell tickets on Season tickets, invitation tickets and other tickets can not be used on this day. Employee card from TusenFryd provides free admission if you are russ.

Parking is free.

Bus drivers can enter free of charge by showing their bus ticket in Guest Service.

For ticket support, you must contact our switchboard
64 97 64 97 or

If you have lost your ticket, we can easily find it again. All we need is the email address that was used to purchase the ticket.

Right of withdrawal: Tickets purchased through have a 24 hours right of withdrawal.

Dag 2- Russens Dag 2023